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Most homeowners are never really truly ready for major roofing work. If you’re like many, you’ve probably never even looked up “roofers near me” before. It’s likely the need simply never arose, and it does make sense not to fuss over something that isn’t causing you problems. However, when the need does arise, it’s important to take action as fast as you can.   What can happen when you delay roof…

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Like people, roofing systems need to breathe. In the roof, ventilation works to let the warm, moisture-filled air out of the attic and the fresh, cool air in. Its goal is to keep the attic space — and therefore the rest of the interior — cool and dry, helping keep your home in good condition.   In this blog, Wortham Brothers roofing discusses the critical parts of roof ventilation and the problems…

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To ensure that your roof remains durable and lasts a long time, you should reach out to a roofing contractor for regular maintenance. Before coming to your home for an inspection, they might ask you some questions first, such as the age of your roofing system. Age can be a critical roofing detail as this will determine how much work you have ahead of you to maintain or replace it.   At Wortham…

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