3 Ideal Roofing Options for Warmer Climates

Not one type of roofing is best in all situations but one of the most effective ways to zero in on the right roofing option for you is to choose based on which choices are best for your local climate. In Texas where it can get warm and humid, for example, roof repair experts Wortham Bros Inc. recommends the following roofing options: 

1. Metal

Overall, metal roofing is great because it is durable, beautiful, and lightweight. Metal is particularly works for warmer climates as a roofing material because while it absorbs heat, it also reflects a lot more back and loses what it does absorb quickly. This prevents heat from being absorbed into a home or building, resulting in passive heating that can interfere with desired temperatures indoors.

And when it does rain, as Texas sees a lot of thunderstorms, metal roofing makes it easy to shed rainwater and direct it away from the property. Paired with gutter replacement, it can greatly help in preventing moisture-related problems

2. Tile

Clay and concrete tiles are suitable for warmer regions like Texas because they typically follow the Spanish-style design, creating an area around each piece of tile that promotes air circulation. This natural ventilation keeps a roofing system from overheating, which can then contribute excessive warmth that can negatively affect indoor comfort.

They are also durable and heavy, allowing them to withstand a lot of rain and wind that can come as Texas experiences its fair share of tornadoes and hurricanes

3. Slate

A natural stone, slate boasts of a definite durability that can withstand both extreme dry and wet weather conditions that Texas experiences. Still, it doesn’t require a lot of upkeep, retaining not just its strength but beauty as well over the years, even with constant exposure to harsh weather. It’s the sturdiest of roofing materials, and it comes with a commensurate price tag. This may turn some property owners away, but the investment will be well worth it, given slate roofing can last for 100 years.

Let Us Help You Choose!

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