3 Must-Haves in a Child-Friendly Bathroom

Having kids at home will require you to make changes in your home. Home remodeling and roof repair experts can probably attest to this since they have seen several renovations done to make homes more child-friendly. 

Bathrooms, for instance, are typically designed and measured to suit the height of adults. Of course, this makes it difficult for children to do things by themselves and learn how to be self-reliant.

In this article, Wortham Bros., Inc., a top-rated company offering home remodeling and gutter replacement, lists four features that will help you create a child-friendly bathroom.Non-Slip Surfaces

Kids aren’t particular where they run or play, so the best you can do is minimize safety hazards in your home. This means making sure your bathroom tiles aren’t slippery when wet. You can test different kinds of tiles before buying them. This way, you can be sure you’re getting non-slip products. Porcelain is usually a top choice because of its durability. Also, you might want to opt for textured surfaces as they do a great job in preventing falls.Easy-Access Tub

Adding a graduated step down into the basin or opting for an undermount bathtub can make it easier for a child to access the tub. You can also include an extra hand-held shower head placed on a working bar to make it easier to rinse shampoo off of children’s hair. This can also help in making it more convenient to clean your tub.Appropriate Countertop Height

Lowering the vanity countertop is one option for you, but this will require another adjustment in the future since your kids will quickly outgrow it. For a long-term solution, you can keep the standard countertop height and add a lift-out step in a bottom vanity drawer. This way, the kids can simply pull out the step whenever they need it. When they no longer need the step, you can lift it out of the drawer to create storage space.

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