Pros and Cons of a Roof-Over

Roofing problems can occur when you least expect them. Unfortunately, a high roof repair cost can force homeowners to cut corners on their roofing needs. One example of this is a roof-over. During a repair or replacement job, contractors will often remove the old shingles before nailing new ones. Depending on how large the scale of your project is, this can take valuable time and effort which translates to higher labor costs. You can forego this cost by choosing to “roof over” the old shingles —that is, installing new shingles on top of the old ones. 

Roof-over jobs are tricky. They’re not exactly standard practice but they are not 100% a bad idea either. As it is, it’s important for you, as a homeowner, to know when to do or not to do a roof-over. Our experienced experts at Wortham Bros Inc. weigh in on this matter.

Why Roof Over?

Removing damaged or worn-out shingles is a major factor that contractors consider when determining the price for a roof repair or a replacement. So, it makes sense that skipping this step cuts down on expenses. By roofing over your old roof, you’re also making the job a lot less messy because you no longer have to dispose of any shingles, lowering the cost even further.

Disadvantages of Roofing Over

Before you decide to install a new roof over an old one, check your local county’s building codes first. In some areas, this practice violates certain building and safety codes.

In any case, roofing over can make inspection and maintenance more difficult as you’re no longer able to detect problems in the sheathing. It also adds weight to the roof, which your deck and assembly might not be strong enough to support. Moreover, it can also increase interior temperatures in your home as a roof-over is like snuggling under a second blanket.

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