4 Tips on Designing Your Home as a Couple

Moving in together is a milestone worth celebrating, but it’s not always an easy and smooth transition. You and your partner may have differences in how you want to set up your home, and that’s alright. It’s normal to have conflicting tastes in style since you’re two different people. 

In this article, Wortham Bros., Inc., one of the top-rated roof repair experts in the area, shares four tips on designing and decorating your home as a couple.

Set Priorities

Whether you’re renovating or redecorating, have a thorough discussion of what an ideal home looks and feels like for each of you. Try to create a mental picture of the features you want and note the things you both agree on. Start building your plan from there. Perhaps you can use the things you both like as bases for deciding when you don’t see eye to eye.

Go With Neutrals

Whether you’re choosing a color for your siding replacement or any large space in your home, it’s best to go with neutrals. The same can be applied when picking out furniture, linen and appliances. Neutrals are usually the ideal solution because they blend with varying styles. For a pop of color, you can get smaller accent pieces that both you and your partner will like.


Find a middle ground and consider what each of you deems a must-have. It’s important to understand why something is essential and how much it means for your partner. If it’s not really a big deal to you, graciously concede. But if it really bothers you, talk it over until you reach a compromise.

Designate Spaces

Select a space that each person will be given the freedom to make design choices. Oftentimes this is a good way to ensure that both of you will feel at home and have your personalities reflected on certain rooms or spaces.

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