Ballooning Budgets: How to Stick To Your Renovation Plan

Some homeowners are shocked when they see their roof renovation bill. It turns out that a few factors can account for such a large portion of the construction costs. 

On the other hand, some are surprised that what blew their budget were a few relatively minor costs. Keep in mind these costs may not seem like much at first, but they can accumulate and blow your budget.

Any seasoned renovator knows the budget is a crucial part of any home improvement project. Knowing which factors can raise your roof renovation costs significantly can help you better manage and stick to your budget.

Wortham Bros Inc., one of the state’s top roofing contractors, lists them down below.

The Roof’s Weight 

The weight of your roof is directly proportional to how hard it will be to remove it. The heavier your roof is, the longer it takes to tear it off and dispose of the construction waste.

The Roof Pitch 

The steeper the roofing system, the harder it is to install. And the harder it is to install, the higher the labor costs. Labor costs account only for a portion of any potential increase, however. Depending on the roof’s pitch and type, more material and underlayment may be needed.

But what if you just need a roof repair? What are the factors that contribute to a higher-than-expected bill?

Shingle Replacements 

Well, apart from the replacement shingles and material and the extent of the damage, you may need to replace some of the unique fixtures in your roof, like the chimneys and skylights.

Construction Permits

Apart from the usual repair costs, you also have to take into account the price of construction permits, which may vary depending on your area code. Keep in mind, however, that these factors can give you a rough approximation of the roof repair costs. The best way to estimate a roof repair project and plan your budget is to ask a certified contractor for a quote.

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