Heat and Humidity: How to Prevent Roof Blisters

Small bumps on an asphalt roof would be a cause for concern for any homeowner. But don’t be too alarmed just yet. These bumps are most probably roof blisters that pose no immediate or short-term threat to your roof. Over time, however, these will pop and may cause serious damage. 

Wortham Brothers Inc., one of the state’s top roof repair experts, list the usual causes of blisters and shares some tips on preventing and fixing them below. 

Moisture Pockets and Trapped Heat: A Troublesome Combo

Roofing systems that weren’t properly installed are likely to contain hollow pockets where moisture may accumulate over time. As the sun heats up the roof, the moisture in the pockets expands, giving rise to these small bumps.  

Apart from these moisture pockets, insufficient ventilation might be another cause. Too much heat builds up in the roof, forming these blisters. 

It’s also important that rainwater is diverted from your roof. Have a contractor inspect your gutters and downspouts to see if you need a gutter replacement

Mitigating Damage: Replacing Shingles Before Blisters Pop

You shouldn’t worry too much if your roof has only a few blisters. The threat posed by these blisters is directly proportional to their number; the higher the number of blisters, the greater the potential damage to your roof. If, however, there are too many blisters, you can minimize the damage by replacing the asphalt shingles before they pop. 

The best way to prevent blisters is to schedule periodic roof maintenance and inspections. This will ensure that any cracks can be fixed before blisters begin to form. 

And keep in mind that it’s easy to miss the warning signs. That’s why you should only hire certified contractors. 

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