Light Optics: Making Your Interior Feel More Spacious

It’s tough living in a cramped home. Your quality of life dips, as you constantly find yourself having little to no room for leisure activities or even the essentials, like a dining area for example. Plus, homeowners barely have enough room to design and coordinate their interior. 

Luckily, a few simple visual tricks can help make your cramped interior space and give it a consistent aesthetic. Wortham Bros, Inc., one of the state’s top home remodeling contractors, lists them below.

Strategically Place Mirrors Around the Interior

It’s no secret that natural lighting can make a room feel more spacious than it actually is. Making sure your windows aren’t fogged up will help ensure there’s enough lighting in your home.

Of course, depending on the architecture of your home, there are some parts of your house that won’t get enough sunlight. Here’s where the mirrors come in: they reflect sunlight off each other and brighten up the room, giving the illusion of a more spacious interior.

And if you have particularly cramped hallways, here’s a neat trick: placing a mirror at the end of the hallway will make it seem bigger.

Trim Overgrown Foliage

Clear windows are key to getting more sunlight into your home. And as such, getting rid of any foliage blocking the windows is important. In particular, you need to watch out for overgrown vines hanging from your roof. These can damage your roof and result in an additional roof repair cost.

Declutter Your Home

Of course, there’s only so much that a few visual tricks can do. You can’t avoid decluttering if your home’s too crowded. To sort through your belongings quickly, keep the essentials, like moderately-sized tables and chairs, and store everything else in the garage or a storage locker.

The Interior Has to Match the Exterior  

Once you’ve decluttered your interior, it might be a good idea to check your exterior, especially your roof. After all, if you’re aiming for a consistent aesthetic for your home, the interior has to match the exterior. A messy, mismatched exterior would clash even more with a clean, organized interior.

If you’ve found any signs of damage on your roof, there are a variety of roof repair options available.

Keep in mind that you’ll save a lot of money —and yourself a lot of trouble — by only hiring certified contractors.

Wortham Brothers Inc., an Owens Corning® platinum preferred contractor, offers home remodeling and roofing services. Worried about any possible roof repairs your home might need? Find out what the price for a roof repair is by calling us at any of these numbers: F:P:Sub:Phone}, F:P:Sub:Phone} or F:P:Sub:Phone}. You can also fill out this form.

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