Roof Cleaning: The Mistakes You Can Make

Preventive maintenance is key to roof longevity, but cleaning your roofing system the wrong way is a disaster waiting to happen. As tough as it may seem, your roof is rather delicate, which can sustain damage and fail prematurely if not treated correctly. 

To clean your roofing system without ruining it, reliable roof repair experts, including Wortham Bros Inc., would warn you against the following common mistakes.

Employing One Method Across the Board

Your roof is a complex system of numerous components with unique individual needs. It consists of several materials, which get dirty differently and require dissimilar cleaners. Washing your asphalt shingles the way you would clean your gutters could lead to disastrous results.

Procrastinating Moss Removal

Unlike blue-green algae, moss is actually a threat to the structural integrity of your roofing system, for it paves the way for moisture accumulation. Any roofing and siding replacement expert would advise you to address any sign of this plant’s growth soonest to stop it from expanding its territory.

Allowing small colonies of moss to cover more space is a terrible error in judgment. There are safe cleaning solutions to kill them, but they are weak enough to be swept off at their infancy.

Using a Power Washer Improperly

Wortham Bros Inc. attests that a power washer can do wonders when utilized appropriately. The problem is many homeowners misuse this equipment. As a result, powering washing does more harm than good.

Trying to Be a Hero

The greatest mistake you could make is DIYing any roof maintenance task. Yes, it is your responsibility to keep your roof in good shape at all times, but it does not mean you should do it yourself. Without safety gear, falling from a height can result in serious injury at best.

Whether you need preventive roof maintenance or gutter replacement, Wortham Bros Inc. is the name you can trust. With over 30 years of experience, we know what it takes to get the job done properly, efficiently and safely.

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