Top 5 Reasons Asphalt Shingles Go Bald

Granules are what most people know about asphalt roofing shingles. They are the colorful surface material that protect the substrate from the weather. In some cases, they also contribute to home energy efficiency by deflecting the sun’s infrared light rather than storing it up. 

Like all good things, the protective granules of asphalt shingles do not last forever. Although they naturally fall off over time, Wortham Bros Inc. attests that they get dislodged for different reasons.

To know when to stay calm and to schedule a hail damage repair, learn the usual causes of loss of granules among asphalt shingles below.

1. They Are New

It is not uncommon for brand-new asphalt shingles to have excessive granules, and they normally shed their surplus layer of protection sooner or later. If you discover granules in the gutters a short time after buying a new roof, do not panic because those are just the loose extra ones.

2. They Are Old

It is fitting that asphalt shingles go bald as they age. Granule loss is indicative of the evaporation of volatiles, which are the chemical compounds that make shingles flexible and water-resistant. The more the volatiles dissipate, the more shingles lose their grip on their granules.

3. They Are Defective

Some asphalt shingles become thin on top due to manufacturing defects. Reputable roof wind damage repair specialists, including Wortham Bros Inc., would agree that defective products present themselves in a pattern, for they come in batches.

4. They Are Overheated

Blistering can happen when the bottom of the shingles become too hot due to a poorly ventilated attic. The heat bakes the roofing materials from below, causing the trapped moisture within them to rise up. When shingle blisters pop, the granules in the affected areas become displaced and collect in the gutters or on the ground.

5. They Are Damaged

Friction can scrape asphalt shingles clean. Roofing materials can sustain abrasions not only from the elements but also regular foot traffic and overhanging branches. You may not necessarily need to call for roof repair emergency, but you should not neglect the issue for too long either.

Let Wortham Bros Inc. investigate why your roof is losing its granules and figure out the most suitable course of action to take. Call us at F:P:Sub:Phone}, F:P:Sub:Phone}, or F:P:Sub:Phone} to talk about your roofing needs and get a free estimate.

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