Assessing the State of Your Roof: What’s Normal, What Isn’t?

Many homeowners tend to overlook the state of their roofs. While some worry about their interior design or bathroom remodeling, considering your roof repair options after assessing its state is just as important as those. In this article, your local roofing contractors from Wortham Bros, Inc. will teach you how to evaluate the state of your roof. 

What’s Normal?

Roof aging is normal. The sun’s heat and ultraviolet radiation are inevitable. These factors commonly increase roof aging.

Here are the common signs of roof aging in shingles:

  1. Curling

  2. Minor cracks

  3. Dark brown or black streaks down the roof

  4. Some granule loss on the shingles

What Isn’t Normal?

As a homeowner, you need to be vigilant in finding the warning signs of roofing problems. The price for a roof repair is more affordable when you take action before the problem becomes worse.

Below are the warning signs you need to look for:

  1. Water Spots on the Ceiling– A spot in the ceiling means that your roof has leaks. You need to locate these leaks before they become more problematic.

  2. Water Spots Appear on Exterior Walls– A spot on your exterior walls means that the step flashing where the roof meets a wall is loose or damaged.

  3. Gutters Filled with Granules– If granules filled the gutters, this means that the shingles are now near the end of their lifespan.

  4. Cracking Shingles– When this happens, the granules have already worn off and made shingles brittle.

  5. Shingles are Cupping– This sign means that your attic wasn’t properly vented. Hence, reshingling is necessary.

  6. Missing Shingles– If you’re already having this problem, it may mean that a small animal is lurking on your roof, or the sealant strip under the shingles is already damaged.

  7. Roof Leaks During Temperature Fluctuation– You might have ice dams due to freeze-and-thaw cycles that lead to ice buildup on the roof and block melting snow from draining off.

  8. Black Stains– This sign may indicate algae growing on the shingles.

Now that you know how to assess the state of your roof correctly, you’ll need a professional to set things right. Trust Wortham Bros. Inc. for solid roofing products and services, including roof repair cost estimation.  Give us a call at (972) 960-3135 if you’re in Dallas/Fort Worth or (972) 960-3135 if you’re in Austin or San Antonio. You can also fill out our contact form to set an appointment.

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