Statement Ceilings: How to Make Your Ceiling Pop

When building or designing a house, homeowners pay a lot of attention to the interior design,such as the color of their walls. Most of the time, the fifth wall, the ceiling, doesn’t receive as much attention. However, it’s an excellent way to give your room a new identity. 

In fact, design trends have already changed. Homeowners today are more open to bright colors and decorating techniques, giving way to statement ceilings. Wortham Bros, Inc., your hail damage repair providers, came up with a selection of beautiful ceilings you can choose from.

Paneled Ceilings 

This type of ceiling is a popular choice for cottage-style houses. Paneled ceilings go well in a country-style kitchen. It’s also efficient in adding a cozy and enveloping feeling to a bedroom.

Coffered Ceilings

This type of ceiling is an excellent choice for large formal rooms because it exudes elegance. For libraries or living rooms, wind damage repair experts like Wortham Bros, Inc. say that a simple painted or stained grid can create distinction.

Beamed Ceilings 

An exposed or painted beam is a form of robust architecture. If there are no beams to expose, homeowners can install new beams using reclaimed wood or paint-grade wood.

  • Reclaimed wood – A beamed ceiling using a reclaimed wood gives a beautiful rustic look.

  • Paint-grade wood – This beamed ceiling blends well with the room’s color scheme.

  • Grained wood – A beamed ceiling using a grained wood, like mahogany, gives a warm note of elegance.

Statement ceilings help in transforming a space to create a sense of uniqueness. Whether you want to try a paneled ceiling, a coffered one, or use wood for a beamed ceiling, these new designs will elevate your space and create something memorable. If you’re looking for someone who will help you with your roofing concerns, including a roof repair emergency, Wortham Bros Inc. is here to help. Give us a call at (972) 960-3135 if you’re in Dallas/Fort Worth or (972) 960-3135 if you’re in Austin or San Antonio. You can also fill out our contact form to set an appointment.