Roofer’s Insurance Policies: The 4 Things to Look For

If your commercial building is facing a roof repair emergency, then you may need to find a contractor as soon as possible. However, just because you’re in a pinch, it doesn’t mean that you should rush the screening process of your roofing professionals. When hiring a contractor, one of the most important things that you should look for is their insurance policy. But just because they produce the proper documents, doesn’t mean that your research ends there.

In this article, the professionals of Wortham Bros Inc. reveals the four things you need to look for in your roofing contractor’s insurance policies. 

  1. General Business Liability – One of the most important things you need to look for from your roofer’s insurance policy is the commercial general business liability insurance. This is because this is what protects your company’s assets and pays for the costs of any property damage or injury that happens during the job. This is a common requirement if whether you’re having an initial roof construction or re-roofing job done so if your prospective contractor doesn’t have this, it’s best to find a different one immediately.

  1. Adding Clients as Additional Insured – At times, some clients may request that they’re named as an additional insured in the policy, especially if they’re seeking a long-term relationship with the contractor. Knowing the ramifications of doing so and the procedure to quickly name the clients as an additional insured is important in any part of negotiating a contract, so make sure your roofer has this option in their policy.

  1. Property Protection – Property protections can take numerous forms, such as specific re-roofing operations clauses, which covers jobs like hail damage repair, or open roof coverages, which protects the property as a whole during the job. Again, if your roofing contractor doesn’t offer this, be sure to find a different one as soon as possible to prevent further issues.

  1. Limit and Minimums for Coverage – Limits and minimums for coverage are something that should be stated clearly in your roofer’s insurance policies. That way, any misunderstandings regarding what is covered and what isn’t can easily be avoided between both parties.

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