Product Excellence Award

Product Total Protection is more than shingle deep. That’s why this award recognizes the best EXCELLENCE overall System Selling performance for America’s #1 most trusted and recognized roofing brand*. Recipients of this award have helped homeowners understand the benefit of a complete Owens Corning roofing system to protect their home.

Shingle Manufacturers design each component of your roof to work together to enhance the protection of your home from the elements, to work as a team so to speak, to better protect your home from the elements; hail, wind and rain.  When Wortham Bros. Inc. installs your new roof, we want to install matching components to take advantage of manufacturer’s higher wind ratings, hail protection and increased Algae Resistance warranties when the roof is installed as a system.

Wortham Bros. Inc. was awarded Owens Corning’s 2019 Product Excellence Award in recognition of our effort to make the highest quality and best roof installation possible for our customers.  This award is only available to an Owens Corning’s Platinum Certified Contractor, Recognizing the Best of the Best.

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