Roofing Underlayment 101: Essentials You Should Know

The roofing system consists of many important components working together to keep your home safe and damage-free from weather. Unlike the shingles and gutters, some of them are not visible at all. One of these is the roof underlayment, which plays a key role in the overall stability and performance of the system. Wortham Bros., the area’s trusted source of quality roof repair options, shares more here. 

What is the roof underlayment?

This refers to the waterproof material installed directly onto the roof deck. The underlayment serves as a barrier between the shingles and the roof deck, protecting the system from water infiltration. With this material in place, there’s less of a chance of rain leaking into your home via the roof. The underlayment comes in three types, which include:

  1. Non-Bitumen Synthetic. If you want to keep your roof repair cost to a minimum following a major weather event, make sure your underlayment uses a high-quality material. For many homeowners, this means choosing non-bitumen synthetic. This is a flexible and extremely weather-resistant material that’s designed to be fully applied on the entire roof, making it cost-effective.
  2. Asphalt-Saturated. Synthetic underlayment has become more widely used, but an asphalt-saturated one is still a reliable choice. It can keep your roof leak-free, and because it is readily available, an asphalt-saturated underlayment is probably the most cost-efficient option.
  3. Rubberized Asphalt. The most premium among the three, rubberized asphalt underlayment offers all the benefits of both non-bitumen synthetic and asphalt-saturated. It uses a higher percentage of asphalt and rubber polymer, making it completely waterproof. 

You no longer have to worry as much about the price for a roof repair if your system comes with a good underlayment. At Wortham Bros., for instance, we carry only the highest quality roofing from the leading manufacturers, including GAF®, Owens Corning®, and CertainTeed®. They come with all the crucial components, such as the underlayment, that make up a complete roof. With our top-tier options, you’re always sure your roof can provide the superior weather performance you expect.

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