The Best Approaches to Commercial Roofing Maintenance

Replacing your roofing system is a big-ticket project that many homeowners prepare and save for years before it’s actually needed. For commercial properties, it can be even more expensive. Additionally, the risks of having a roof failure for a commercial building are greater and more dangerous. The damage to tenants and their property can easily reach thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

You can mitigate these risks by using effective roofing maintenance practices to keep your commercial flat roof safe and sound throughout the year. Here are a few tips from our roofing experts at Wortham Bros about what should be included in your commercial roofing maintenance program.

Professional Inspections

Ask your local roofing company about preventive maintenance agreements that can help you care for your roof. Quick visual inspections can be done easily by you or your managers, however, to truly gauge the status of your commercial flat roof and spot any potentially problematic areas, it’s best to have a professional come and take a look at it. Regularity is key here. Experts recommend a full inspection at least once every one to three years, but for areas where the weather can get to extremes, seasonal check-ups can also be beneficial.

Corrective Action

A professional inspection can also identify areas with high risk of damage. This includes areas such as the roofing around HVAC units where foot traffic is highest. Applying corrective action on these areas can help prevent some problems. For example, using a protective layer around this spot enables you to keep the membranes in good shape without sacrificing access to the outdoor HVAC units.

Customize Your Care According to Your Roof Type

Some problems can be more common on certain roof types than others. For example, built-up roofs or BURs can require hail damage repair more frequently than others. Familiarizing yourself with the specific needs and risk factors of your roofing system can help you and your contractor develop a more effective maintenance program for your roof.

At Wortham Bros, we offer excellent commercial roofing maintenance programs to help keep your roof in good condition all year-long. Give us a call at (972) 960-3135 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation and request a free estimate today. We serve home and commercial property owners in Mckinney, as well as other neighboring areas in TX.