Ways to Make Sure Your Roofing Warranty Is Protecting You

When getting a new roof, among the most important things you should consider besides materials and contractor is the warranty. Roofing is a significant investment, and a comprehensive warranty ensures it stays protected. However, it could be quite a challenge to determine whether your coverage is indeed giving you the protection you’re expecting.  

Wortham Brothers, roofing experts, shares ways to make sure your warranty is really protecting you. 

Make Sure Your Contractor Is Authorized

Most roofing warranties state that the material needs to be installed by certified professionals to maintain the validity of the coverage. Manufacturers provide strict requirements that roofers must follow, including the thickness of the materials and flashing techniques. It would still help to contact the manufacturer to double-check if the contractor is authorized. Nevertheless, you should hire an experienced local contractor for your project. 

To find roofers, you can simply search, “roofers near me” online. Before hiring anyone to work on your home, do your research, look for reviews, and ask for portfolios and references. Check if your prospective roofer is licensed and how long they have been certified by the manufacturer. Another thing to look into is their rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

Know All About Your Coverage

A standard roofing warranty includes coverage for leaks caused by material defects or poor workmanship by licensed contractors. On the other hand, the usual exclusions include weather extremes, acts of terrorism, and damage from ponding water or poor maintenance. Make sure to confirm what’s included and what isn’t in your warranty with your roofer before signing a contract. Also, take note of the things you need to know to keep your warranty valid. 

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