4 Common Myths and Misconceptions About Metal Roofs

According to roofing contractors, metal roofs are now one of the most popular roof replacement materials on the market due to the various advantages they can offer a home. This can be surprising to some as metal roofing systems were once famous for only being used in industrial and agricultural buildings.

Despite the advantages a modern metal roof, however, some homeowners are still reluctant to install them in their homes due to the numerous myths that surround them. In this article, Wortham Bros lists the four common myths and misconceptions about metal roofs and the truth behind them, beginning with:

  1. Metal Roofs are Unappealing – As stated before, metal roofs were usually associated with industrial buildings or barns, which often gives an impression that they’re bland materials that won’t look good in a home. However, metal roof manufacturers nowadays have the technology to make their products as aesthetically appealing as possible by making them in different shapes and colors so they can suit any home.
  2. Metal Roofs are Loud – One of the biggest misconceptions about metal roofs is that they can be loud during a rainstorm or severe weather. This isn’t actually the case as in reality, metal roofs are fastened to the roof deck, allowing your roofer to install an ample amount of sound insulation to reduce the noise more compared to your average roofing material.
  3. Metal Roofs Aren’t Energy-Efficient – This notion is pure myth as according to roof repair experts, metal roofs are one of the most energy-efficient materials available on the market. This is due to their “cool roof” capabilities that are brought about by the reflective coatings applied to them as they’re manufactured. These reflective coatings reflect unwanted solar heat, reducing your cooling costs by 10% to 15%.
  4. Metal Roofs Can’t Handle Hail – This is pure misconception as metal roofs are one of the most durable roofing options you can consider. In fact, most metal roofs are rated Class 4 for Impact Resistance by the UL Testing Group, meaning they can withstand hailstones with little to no damage.

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