The Weak Points of a Roofing System

Your roof is only as strong as its weakest points. What are the common problem areas on a residential roof? Wortham Bros lists them in this guide.  

Fascia and Soffit Boards 

The fascia board is the long, straight board that your gutter system is attached to. And underneath the fascia board is the soffit board. The former prevents rain and small animals from entering your roof’s underside while the latter allows moisture to exit your roof through its holes. Rot and moisture issues are the most common fascia and soffit boards, although they’re less of a problem for the latter given most soffit boards are made of water-resistant vinyl. If your roof has vinyl soffit boards, keep an eye out for cracks and holes pests can use to infiltrate your home. 


The thin strips of metal covering roof joints and penetrations are called flashing. These prevent water from infiltrating your roof’s underlayers through gaps on the roof’s surface. The problem with flashing is that it can easily get dislodged by strong winds. Not to mention it loosens over time.  Fortunately, the risk of leaks can be reduced by choosing flashing material that’s suited to your climate. Common flashing materials include sheet metal, lead and aluminum. To find out which is best suited to your area’s climate, consult one of your local roofers


Clogs are the number one gutter issue. Leaves, twigs and other organic debris can prevent water from being diverted to the drain. Not to mention the added weight load from organic debris can cause sections of your gutters to pull apart. These issues are easily prevented through routine gutter maintenance. And if you want a more durable type of gutter system, choose a seamless gutter, which as the name suggests don’t have any joints that are considered to be a roof’s weak points. 

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