What You Need to Know About Roof Decking

Your roof is made of trusses and joists or a frame with empty spaces in between. Similar to a floor, roof decking is a flat surface attached to the framing. It offers an additional layer of protection between the roof and your home. Weatherproofing materials are also secured to this part of your roof, such as underlayment and shingles. 

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What’s the Purpose of Roof Decking?

Asphalt roofing isn’t as light as you think, with every shingle weighing at around 2.5lbs. Besides the shingles, there are also other materials like felt or tar paper. The decking supports the weight of all these layers. Since it equally distributes the weight throughout your home’s structure, the decking can help your roof withstand fallen debris and weather extremes.

Contractors usually spray flame retardants on plywood for added protection against fire. Consult your roofing contractor regarding their policy about this method because some roofers think that using flame retardants can harm the performance of the decking.

Can Excessive Moisture Affect Your Roof Decking?

Too much moisture in the attic can result in excessive moisture in the sheathing. The hot air rising from the attic can then encourage mold growth in the decking. To prevent this problem, your roofing contractor should inspect your attic and assess whether there are sufficient ventilation and possible problems that could develop due to high moisture levels.

Moreover, it’s also important to hire a skilled contractor for your roof. You can start looking for a reputable professional by searching “roofers near me” online. Once you have a list of potential contractors, do your research, ask for references, request for proof of license and insurance and read customer feedback.

When to Replace Your Decking

It may not be necessary to have your decking replaced when you’re getting a new roof. However, you should have the sheathing inspected by a skilled contractor. Before your project starts, make sure to ask your roofer whether a decking replacement is necessary and if it’s already included in the quote.

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