How to Handle Roofing Emergencies

One of the responsibilities of a homeowner is knowing what to do during emergencies, such as when faced with unexpected roof repair. In this blog, local roofer Wortham Bros discuss how you should handle a roofing emergency. 

Situations That Qualify as Roofing Emergencies

Roofing damage should be addressed by a roofing professional as soon as possible. However, there are situations where putting off roof repairs will only cause more problems. Ask yourself if the situation compromises the roofing structure. Did a tree fall on your roof? Was the roof lifted by sudden high winds? Did a storm just pass through and cause significant damage to the roof and/or flooding in your home? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s definitely a roofing emergency.

How to Handle Roofing Emergencies

The first few hours of a roofing emergency is critical. You need to keep a clear head and make sure you’re doing everything in order.

Make Sure Your Family Is Safe — Your family’s safety is always top priority. You have to assume that your family will need temporary accommodations—perhaps with relatives or at a nearby hotel—because roof repairs will render your home uninhabitable for the time being. You may need to stay nearby as you will need to oversee the repair work. Do not try to clean anything until after your insurance adjuster arrives.

Call Your Roofing Contractor — Your roofing contractor may need to install temporary roofing to minimize further damage to your roof. They will also document the extent of the damage, and determine the roof repair cost.

Call Your Insurance Provider — Call your insurance provider and schedule an appointment with a representative. This representative, also known as an adjuster, will inspect the damage independently and help you file an insurance claim. They will need a quote of the repair costs from your contractor, along with other paperwork, to file your claim.

Avoid Doing Your Own Repairs — The claims process may take a week or two. While it is tempting to get some repairs done during this time, doing your own repairs may void your warranty and/or insurance coverage.

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