Tips on Choosing Concrete Tile Roofing Colors

Concrete tiles offer a wider color selection than traditional clay tile roofing, which allows more flexible exterior color choices. The local roofers at Wortham Bros share tips on choosing colors for a new concrete tile roof. 

Choose a Style That Complements Your Home

Most people are familiar with barrel-style clay tile roofing, which works on a handful of home styles. Concrete tile roofing fills that gap between wanting the benefits of tile roofing and having a home that’s unsuitable for traditional clay tiles. Our selections from manufacturers such as Mextile, Hanson and Monier include tile roofing that mimic styles like slate and wood shakes. Once you have chosen the style that matches your home, you’ll have the confidence to choose the color that you want.

Research Color Combinations

A concrete tile roof lasts much longer than most roofing materials, so you need to choose your roof colors carefully. Take the time to look into color options that will work with your home style. Instead of choosing a roof color that complements your siding (which may end getting replaced at least once), choose one that works with permanent components like brick or stone. It also pays to research the roof colors that are associated with your home style. It maintains authenticity, which is easier to achieve with the color options available on concrete roof tiles.

Ask for Physical Samples

Colors on a computer or phone screen look different in real life. This is why you should get samples or swatches from your tile roofing contractor when paring your color selections down. It is also important to note that the same color can look different depending on the time of the day.

Keeping these in mind, look for a spot outside your home where you can view the roofing samples against siding or any of the aforementioned permanent components. Put your samples in position and view them during different times of the day: at sunrise, at noon, at sunset and in the evening. Pay attention to which colors look best at all times and eliminate the rest. Using this method can help you pick the right color in as short as a day.

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