Concrete vs Clay Roof Tiles: Learn the Difference

Tile is widely considered the ‘premiere’ roofing material for residential properties due to its sheer durability and its long service life, which is only surpassed by certain metals. What most homeowners don’t know is that there are two types of tile roofs to choose from: clay and concrete. 

Both are great options for any home, but which one is the best for your home? Wortham Bros, Inc., your Dallas roof repair experts, shares the key differences between the two in this post. 

Clay Tiles

Clay roof tiles are made by baking the material in molded clay. The longer it’s baked, the more dense the new roof becomes. The quintessential color for these tiles is the earthy Terra-Cotta, but manufacturing advancements in recent years have made several colors available including more ‘modern’ tones for contemporary homes.

Clay tiles are very resistant to strong winds and are fireproof. The way they are shaped passively protects the underlayment of the roof, essentially acting as an extra insulating layer for your home. Clay is a lighter material than concrete, which makes gutter replacement fairly simple. They are also incredibly long-lasting with an ‘average’ service life of 100 years.

Concrete Tiles

These roof tiles are made using a mixture of sand, cement, and water that’s molded similarly to its clay counterparts. The difference is that the resulting material is heavier and thus more resistant to physical battery and storms. Concrete tiles also come in many profiles, with the most common being flat, low and high-profile roofs.

Since concrete tiles are heavier, they require more work when it’s time to repair or maintain them, They are also not as long-asting as clay, but still outperform its contemporary roofing materials with a 60-year service life. Concrete is also more readily available and thus more affordable to install than clay.

Planning to install a new clay roof, or maybe a clean-cut concrete roofing system? At Wortham Bros, Inc., we’ll make sure your new roof is properly installed so you can take advantage of all its benefits. We also offer siding replacement services.

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