New Roof Construction: What’s Should You Expect?

Building a brand new roof is exciting, but the process itself is widely considered the most difficult and time-consuming of all home improvement projects. The process is pretty straightforward, but there’s a lot to consider and plan. 

Wortham Bros, Inc. offers complete construction and roof repair options. In this post, we share the things to expect during new roof construction.


Before the actual construction takes place, the contractor that you’ll be working with has to do an inspection on your property. This is to get an idea of the scope of the work as well as plan out important details, such as material and equipment.

This usually takes a week or two, after which your contractor will provide you a finalised project schedule and a quote. For the latter, this also includes roof repair cost for older homes that need to have the foundational structure of the roof addressed.

Getting the Permits

You and your contractor will also need to secure permits and, depending on where you live, may take two or four week at maximum. Some roofing companies, including ourselves, can help you secure your permits on your behalf so you can focus on the project at hand.


The installation or construction part of the process is the most exciting and is where you get to see your new roof built. After securing your permits, your contractor will order and deliver the materials to your house a day before the actual work date. The construction and installation usually takes at least three days but ultimately depends on how large the newly constructed roof will be.

Once the roof is constructed, old shingles, debris and old materials are properly disposed of. We usually take an extra day to do this, though we recommend recycling the shingles if they’re asphalt.

At Wortham Bros, Inc., we’ll make sure you’re always in the know when it comes to new roof construction and installation. Need an accurate price for a roof repair or construction? Dallas and Fortworth customers can reach us at (972) 960-3135. San Antonio homeowners can reach us at (972) 960-3135. For Austin customers, get in touch with us at (972) 960-3135 to learn more about our services. Our roof repair options are available throughout Dallas and Fort Worth.