A Total Tear-off Is Better Than a Roof Overlay; Here’s Why

When it comes to planning a full roofing replacement, you might be wondering if a roof overlay will suffice or a complete tear-off is needed. While there are several factors to consider, the short answer is that a full tear-off is better than a roof overlay.  

Professional roofers such as Wortham Bros will always recommend completely tearing off your roof, and here’s why:

It Adds More Weight

You’re essentially adding another roof to the top of your home, which isn’t recommended especially if your home is older or isn’t structurally sound. Having added weight to the top of your home can also compromise the structural integrity of your roofing system.

It Won’t Last as Long 

Some homeowners opt for a roof overlay since they’ll only have to spend for a new layer of shingles. While this may be cheaper as it requires less labor, the shingles in a roof overlay won’t really last as long as their expected lifespan. If you start to have curling shingles, this is mostly caused by the extra heat trapped by the added layers. And as it deteriorates sooner than expected, you may end up spending more on maintenance and repairs as compared to having a complete roof tear-off.

Why a Complete Tear-Off is Better

When you decide to have your old roof completely removed, you get a full roofing replacement. If you previously had any leaks or rotted decking, it will all be completely replaced with your new roof. A completely new roof also lasts much longer than just having an overlay, since there’s no heat trapped within the layers. A newly-replaced roof is a big selling point as well, which means it adds to your home’s resale value!

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