Preventing Common Commercial Roofing Problems

Commercial roofing problems are never fully avoidable, but with regular maintenance by trusted contractors, they can always be spotted and addressed. A Wortham Brothers roofing system also ensures that you get the best installation and maintenance service in the area. In fact, we’re more than capable of handling common commercial roofing problems, including: 

Ponding Water

We’re aware of how The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) classifies ponding water and how it can pose a threat if it’s left unaddressed in just 48 hours. Keep in mind that a 1” deep pond weighs around 5.2 pounds per square foot. The additional weight alone can become a potential threat to the structural integrity of your commercial property. In extreme cases where ponding water is found in many areas of the roof, a collapse is highly possible.

When fixing this problem, we make sure to address proper drainage on the roof by using tapered roof insulation or adding roof drains. We also check the flashings in case there are any signs of leaks.

Lack of Maintenance

With our roof repair and maintenance services, we make sure to have the proper routine inspections done. We’ll inspect for any sign of damage and address them when spotted. By doing this, we make the most out of your roof’s life expectancy, and with a preventive maintenance program, your roof will stay in its best condition for years to come.

If your commercial roof isn’t being maintained as well as expected, it can lead to premature deterioration and damage, which forces you to pay for repairs or even a complete roof replacement. This is why you should hire the right roofing contractor to maintain your roof properly.

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