The Key Differences Between Roof Estimates and Inspections

In our experience as professional roofers, people tend to assume the worst when their roof springs a leak. This sometimes leads to rash decisions such as going straight to soliciting estimates for roof replacement, when an inspection would have saved them time and money.

In today’s post, Wortham Bros explains the differences between roof inspections and estimates, and why it’s important for homeowners to know the difference. 

Roofing Estimates

A roofing estimate is a document that breaks down the cost to replace or repair a roof. A typical estimate includes a list of materials and required labor, as well as the project’s expected completion date. As the name implies, estimates do not have the costs “locked”. Some of the charges, such as materials and fuel, may change between the drawing of the estimate and the signing of the contract. Estimates give the homeowner an idea of how much a project would generally cost.

Many people, including some contractors, use the terms “quote” and “estimate” interchangeably. There are, however, distinct differences between the two. A quote doubles as the contract when signed, which means it tends to be more detailed than an estimate. It also lets a contractor “lock” in all costs to replace the roof within a certain period before the homeowner signs it.

Roof Inspections

Roofing inspections are conducted by professional roofers to assess the roof’s overall condition, as opposed to focusing on a singular problem such as a leak. Inspections provide a clear picture of the roof’s condition, including previously unknown—and often preventable—problems. At the end of an inspection, you will receive a report that includes roofing issues, along with a repair and maintenance plan. The roofing contractor will discuss which repairs to prioritize, and which ones can be done years down the line.

Which One Do You Need?

In most circumstances, roof inspections are more beneficial. They give you a clear picture of your roof’s condition, lets you plan what you should do next with your roof and saves you from unnecessary roofing expenses.

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