Tips and Tricks in Metal Roof Maintenance

There are no shortcuts to proper maintenance on your metal roofing system. While it only requires minimal maintenance to keep your metal roof in good condition, sticking to a schedule goes a long way in making it last for many years. As such, our team at Wortham Bros share some maintenance tips and tricks that you might find useful: 

Stick to a Regular Maintenance Schedule 

To avoid a premature replacement of your entire metal roof, we recommend sticking to a regular maintenance schedule. This will help maintain the integrity of the roofing structure and its accessories while ensuring its continued performance and protection. A metal roof is often subjected to several harmful elements, so it’s important to be mindful of getting regular maintenance performed by a trusted professional so that potential problems can be spotted and addressed early on.

Clean Your Metal Roofing Properly 

If you notice your metal roof having algae, moss, or mold growth, there’s nothing to worry about. It can be cleaned off, but only with the proper tools and cleansing agents. If you’re using a power washer, don’t use it on the highest setting to prevent degrading the clear coat of your metal roofing. Use a solution of 1/2 cup of a trisodium phosphate for every gallon of water when cleaning the roof. 

If the algae or moss is still visible, consider hiring a professional roofer to clean it; we don’t recommend going up on the roof yourself and risk an injury. Once the roof is completely clean and growth-free, you should be able to prevent new growth with a regular cleaning schedule.

Other Tips to Keep in Mind

As much as possible, other metals or materials shouldn’t come in contact with your metal roof. This can lead to premature deterioration and staining, which can ruin the look of your roof. And when installing solar panels or satellite dishes on your roof, this usually involves making penetrations on the metal surface. Be sure that the installation is being carried out by a professional contractor.

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