Tips on How to Save on Energy Costs Through Your Roofing

Most people think of appliances or replacement windows when talking about energy savings by way of home improvements. You might be surprised to know that, with the right options, your roof can help you save on your monthly utility bills. In today’s post, the roofers at Wortham Brothers Roofing share tips on how energy savings are possible with improvements to your roof. 

Choose a Metal Roof

If your roof is up for replacement, consider a metal roof as an option. It has a long service life, it’s impact-resistant, and it’s sustainable. More importantly, it helps improve your home’s energy efficiency. Metal has a naturally low thermal mass, as in it doesn’t retain radiant heat. This means it cools down shortly after sundown, which helps reduce indoor cooling requirements.

Standing seam roofing systems work with virtually any type of coating, which means you can choose to apply reflective coatings that can help reduce solar heat absorption. Alternatively, you can choose bare metal options such as copper, which are naturally reflective.

Choose Cool Roofing Options for Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are often associated with commercial properties, but certain home styles feature flat and low-slope roofing, which can benefit from “cool” roofing features. As described above, roofs that have reflective properties absorb less heat from the sun. Flat roofing systems can be equipped with TPO or EPDM roofing, which typically features a white—that is, reflective—outer surface. Your roof repair and installation contractor may also offer other cool roofing options, depending on your roofing type.

Address Attic Insulation Issues

A properly-insulated attic complements an energy efficient roofing system. Attic insulation may consist of foam insulation applied under the roof deck and/or loose-fill or batt insulation on the attic floor. It’s important to make sure that the insulation layer has no holes or leaks. Insulation issues arise when moisture comes into contact with the layer of insulation, which can result in clumping.

Make it a habit to inspect your attic regularly for insulation issues, as well as other problems like roof leaks, and have your roofing contractor address these problems in a timely manner. Doing so can help you save on repair costs and your utility bills.

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