Why Shouldn’t You Ignore Hail Damage

No homeowner should ever wants to experience hail damage, but it is something they should definitely prepare for all-year round. In this post, one of the leading roofing companies in Dallas, Wortham Bros., shares why you shouldn’t ignore hail damage and why it should be repaired once it’s spotted. 

Why Shouldn’t You Overlook Hail-Damaged Roofs?

Your roof is fortified by protective granule coatings and hail damage loosens them up, thus reducing your roof’s durability. If your roof has sustained enough damage with all of the coatings removed, your roof will be vulnerable to the elements and harsh sunlight which will deteriorate its condition further. In addition, ultraviolet rays can weaken your roofing system’s integrity and render them brittle over time which leads to problems such as curling, buckling and roof leaks.

In the event that your roof has sustained hail damage, don’t hesitate and contact an emergency roof repair expert like us to keep your roof intact. In fact, addressing problems early on will give you a greater chance of getting insured since it’s your responsibility as a homeowner to ensure that roofing issues are addressed as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’re running the risk of voiding your insurance claim and incurring costlier repairs down the line.

Have Professional Roof Inspections

You’ll gain peace of mind if you fully understand the condition and expected lifespan of your roofing system that will help you plan in the future in case an event like this happens again. You can achieve this by having regular roof inspections to assess your roof’s condition to see how it’s doing and if there are any underlying problems that are invisible to the untrained eye. Spotting these problems early on does a lot for you since it can save you from headaches and hefty repairs should the problem worsen in the future.

Looking for a professional roofer that can help you with hail damage repairs and inspections? Here at Wortham Bros. Inc, it’s our goal to do our duties in an extraordinary manner and work diligently to create a great relationship with our clients through excellent workmanship and customer service. Call Wortham Bros. Inc at (972) 960-3135 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.