Roof Replacement: When Is It More Practical Than Repair?

Roofing issues must be addressed via repairs first before deciding on a replacement. While that is the ideal action to take, there comes a time when even the simplest fixes can place you at a disadvantage. Wortham Bros Inc., one of the top roofing companies in the area, shares insight on why replacement is the more practical option over repairs. 

Old, Ineffective Roofing System

When deciding between repairs or replacement, one of the most important things you need to consider is the age of the roof. Asphalt shingle roofs, for instance, have an average lifespan of 20 to 30 years. Standing seam metal roofs tend to last longer than that. So do clay tile and slate roofs. As soon as your roof is nearing the end of its serviceable life, you must think about investing in a more reliable replacement.

Extent and Severity of the Roofing Problem

Another consideration when it comes to deciding between repairs and replacement is the extent and severity of the issues your roofing system has. Even when your trusted local contractor does the roofing work, it is also your responsibility as a homeowner to keep an eye out for leaks and other related problems. Performing your own visual inspection helps set your expectations and allows you to plan on your next action before you get in touch with the roofing team.

Damage to Major Roof Sections

A sloped roofing system has two sections: the roof covering and the support structure. The former is what is visible from the curb, and comprises the primary roofing material—asphalt shingles, metal panels, clay tiles or slate—and other components like flashings and vents. Damage to any of these can easily be replaced, especially if the underlayment is intact. The latter, meanwhile, are the rafters and trusses that hold the roof covering in place. Inspecting this section requires effort, and if damage is detected on the structure, the whole system might need to be replaced.

When in doubt, it’s best to have a reputable roofer perform a thorough inspection before deciding between repairs or replacement. Wortham Bros Inc. offers various residential roofing services to help you protect your family throughout every season. Call us at (972) 960-3135 or fill out our contact form to get a free estimate. We serve homeowners in and around Dallas and McKinney.

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