The Pros and Cons of Tile Roofing

Tile roofs have certain advantages over more popular roofing systems like asphalt shingles and metal, and are worth considering when you’re thinking about getting a new tile roof. In today’s post,  the local roofers at Wortham Bros discuss the pros and cons of tile roofs. 


Tile roofs offer the following advantages:

Long life span — A typical tile roof is expected to last for over 100 years, can withstand weather extremes without deteriorating, and is impervious to rot and decay. The more affordable option, concrete tile, typically lasts up to 75 years, with proper care and maintenance.

Eco-friendly — Clay and concrete tiles are made from abundant materials, and, thanks to their long life span, are sustainable.

Energy-efficient — A roof with a heavy thermal mass, like tile, can help reduce the heat that would otherwise reach the indoor spaces. This can help reduce indoor cooling requirements and, consequently, your cooling bills.

Low maintenance — A properly-built tile roof is far less likely to develop leaks. Punctures are also impossible, as quality tile can only be broken by heavy impact. Broken tiles can be easily replaced by a roofing contractor. Tile roofing is also impervious to wind damage, thanks to its inherently heavy weight.


Tile roofs have certain aspects that need to be considered before getting one installed:

High upfront cost — It’s no secret that tile roofs are more expensive than most other types of roofing systems. What you should consider is its lifetime cost, as the high upfront cost can be offset by its long life span and low maintenance requirements. There are various types of financing options that you should look into if you don’t have funds at hand.

Longer installation process — Tile roofing needs to be installed in a very specific way so it doesn’t suffer from moisture getting through the gaps. This means the installation process can take significantly longer to complete compared to asphalt shingle or metal roofs.

Heavy weight — Tile roofs are several times heavier than most other roofing types. This means your roofing contractor has to make sure that the roofing structure will be able to support it. In case it couldn’t—as is often the case with old roofs—the entire support structure may have to be rebuilt, which will add to the cost of the roof.

Not suitable for low slope roofs — Tile roofing best performs on roofs with at least 4/12 pitch. A low-slope tile roof can be at risk of water infiltration.

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