5 New Year Home Improvement Projects Worth Considering

The start of the new year would be a great time to pursue some home improvement projects. Can’t decide which project to pursue? Wortham Bros., your trusted roofer, lists below some home improvement projects worth considering: 

  1. Roof Replacement 

Your roof forms a large part of your home’s curb appeal. However, since it’s your home’s first line of defense, your roof also gets worn quicker and suffers damage more frequently than other parts of your exterior. That’s why if you’re thinking of updating your exterior, it’s best to start with your roof. 

One more thing: Make sure to choose a roofing material that can handle your local climate. To find out which roofing materials are best suited to your home, consult one of your local roofing companies. Since they’re familiar with the local climate and building codes, they can make better recommendations. 

  1. Converting Rarely Used Spaces Into a Home Office 

The work-from-home setup isn’t going away anytime soon. If you’re starting to get tired of your interior, you might want to update its design. If you need more space for work, you can convert your attic into a home office. 

  1. Kitchen Remodel 

The kitchen is considered to be the hub of activity in a home, so it’s always a good idea to expand its usable space or improve functionality by adding extra kitchen cabinets or a kitchen island. 

  1. Bathroom Remodel 

Despite being one of the most used parts of your home, your bathroom is also one of the smallest. That’s why it’s never a bad idea to increase your bathroom’s floor space. 

  1. Siding Replacement 

If your exterior’s starting to look a bit worn or dated, it might be time for a siding replacement. Keep in mind that your siding should complement the rest of your exterior and shouldn’t stand out too much. However, coordinating colors is a bit tricky, which is why it’d be helpful to consult a contractor if you can’t seem to find the right color combination. 

Looking for contractors near you? 

Wortham Bros offers a wide range of professional exterior services, including roofing installations. To request a free estimate, call us at (972) 960-3135 or (972) 960-3135 or fill out this form. Talk to us today! We serve homeowners in Dallas and Mckinney as well as the surrounding communities. 

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