What You Need to Know About the Roof Soffit

The soffit might not be as visible as the asphalt shingles, gutters and flashings, but it plays a vital role in the health and performance of your roofing system. In this blog, the expert local roofers of Wortham Bros Inc. discuss everything you need to know about this integral roof component. 

The Soffit at a Glance

Made of wood, aluminum, vinyl or fiber cement, the soffit covers the overhanging section of your roof, starting from the exterior of your home to the edge of your roof. It serves an aesthetic purpose by giving the eaves a clean look. Without it, the wooden beams that make up your roof’s rafters or trusses become fully exposed.

In terms of functionality, the soffit protects the structural members of your roof from moisture and other elements. Otherwise, the wooden joists become more susceptible to mold and rot. More importantly, the soffit helps facilitate air circulation in and out of your attic. A vented soffit has perforations to allow fresh air to enter your attic and push heat and moisture out through the exhausts atop the roof.

Protecting Your Soffit from Problems

As with the other components of your roofing system, the soffit needs to be maintained regularly. Its location makes it a prime target for mold, rot, and water damage. If it separates from the eaves, the inside of your roof becomes exposed to not just the elements but to animals like squirrels and birds. Once you see cracked or missing soffit panels, get in touch with your roofer to have them fixed as soon as possible.

Protecting your soffit and the rest of your roofing system goes a long way in prolonging your investment. Be sure to keep your gutters clean and free of debris so water runoff doesn’t overflow and end up in your soffit. See to it that the soffit is well-sealed and caulked. If it has streaks of mildew on the surface, remove it using a soft brush and a solution of bleach and water.

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