Roofing Underlayment – Why Is It Important?

Your home’s roof is its main source of protection from the harsh elements. You may think that your roofing system’s ability to protect your home depends entirely on its surface material, but there are actually other components that make it possible. Today, our roof repair experts will talk about one of these components: the underlayment.  

What Is the Underlayment?

The underlayment is a layer of waterproof material located right underneath the roof’s shingles. Most underlayments are made of felt, rubber or other non-porous, flexible material. This roofing component is secured to the deck using either fasteners, glue or a combination of both.

Protection from Water

Experts say that the underlayment’s most important role is to act as a secondary moisture barrier. Small gaps between roofing surface panels can cause water to seep through. 
Because the underlayment is waterproof, it prevents the moisture from travelling further into the more vulnerable wooden or metal roofing components.

Secondary Wind Protection

If a panel or shingle is knocked off by strong wind, it will leave a gap where strong gusts of wind can enter. This creates negative pressure underneath the surface, causing the remaining shingles to get blown from below. With an underlayment, the wind is blocked immediately, preventing air pressure from forming in the first place. 

The Importance of Getting Help from Experts

Mistakes in installation can compromise its ability to function effectively. Because of this, you should ask yourself, “Are there certified roofers near me?” By working with a certified local contractor, you can be sure that the underlayment is installed according to manufacturer specifications.

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