Roof Replacement: When Is It More Practical Than Repairs?

Many important factors, such as storm damage and poor ventilation, can affect the life and performance of a roofing system. And when issues do finally occur because of these factors, the first thing you should do is try to have them repaired. This way, you can extend the service life of your system and ensure it can provide the great weather performance you expect. 

But there are also instances when roof repairs just won’t cut it anymore. Eventually, you’ll need a more permanent solution–roof replacement. One of the area’s premier roofing companies, Wortham Bros, Inc. shares when a roof replacement makes better sense than repairs.

  1. Obvious Signs of Aging. When a roofing system is nearing, or already was past its lifespan, it will shed its protective shingle granules. You may find an excess amount of them inside your gutters. The shingles themselves may be curled, buckling or “bald”, with the substrate already exposed. Take a peek at your home improvement records and check how long ago your roof was installed. If it was already 15-20 years ago, then it’s due for a replacement.
  1. Massive Roof Leaks. An isolated roof leak or two following a major weather event is easy enough to mitigate via prompt repairs from your trusted local roofer. But when there are large roof leaks in multiple areas of your home, they might indicate a serious problem. Check for water stains and streaks along your walls and ceiling. Is there mold and rot in the attic? Perhaps sunlight is already streaming from openings in your roof. Have the system replaced when you spot these warning signs.
  1. Sagging Roof. A sagging or uneven roof is already cause for alarm because it can only mean its structural integrity is already compromised. To prevent further damage to your home, and ensure you and your family’s safety, you should call your local roofing contractor immediately. In this area, that will be Wortham Bros, Inc.

We have provided homeowners in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin and McKinney, TX area with high-quality roofing solutions since 1986. When you turn to Wortham Bros, Inc. for your roof replacement, you can always expect the work to be completed perfectly right the first time. Call us today at } or fill out this contact form to schedule your roof evaluation.

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