Spring Roof Maintenance: 4 Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you’re done with spring cleaning your home, it’s time to focus on its more crucial components and their maintenance. Why not start with your roofing system? To ensure your system can continue providing the superior weather performance you expect, you’ll need to avoid some common spring roof maintenance mistakes. One of the premier roofers in the area, Wortham Bros, Inc. discusses some of them here. 

  1. Waiting until there’s visible damage before having the roof checked. Performing a visual inspection of your roof can help determine whether it has sustained some amount of damage during the past season. But even if it looks like the system is intact, have it checked by a professional anyway. Some types of weather damage, specifically those caused by high winds, can be tricky to spot unless your roof is thoroughly inspected by a professional. 
  1. Overlooking attic ventilation. Heat and moisture can get trapped inside the attic, leaving your roof vulnerable to a number of problems. For one thing, mold and mildew can develop in the space, weakening the roof structure. The trapped heat can also rise and bake the shingles overhead, causing them to prematurely age. Extend the life of your roof by having your attic ventilation checked if you suspect issues.
  1. Going for a temporary roof fix. The plastic sheet you used to patch a roof leak might work now, but it surely won’t last. The issue will only worsen over time and leave your home more susceptible to water damage. Instead, turn to a trusted local roofer like Wortham Bros, Inc. for high-quality roof repair work. This way, you can maintain your system’s waterproofing ability and prolong its lifespan.
  1. Leaving your gutters clogged. When leaves and other loose debris settle inside the gutters, they create blockages that cause water to back up and overflow. Guess where the water ends up? Yes, under the eaves and into the roof, creating leaks. As you go about your spring roof maintenance, don’t forget about having your gutters cleaned.

Wortham Bros, Inc. remains on top of every good contractors list because we have always been dedicated to providing only the highest quality roofing solutions. We’ll make sure your spring roof maintenance is worry-free when you let us handle the job. Call us today at (972) 960-3135 or fill out this contact form to schedule your roof evaluation. Our service areas include Dallas and Allen, TX.

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