The Importance of a Post-Storm Roof Inspection

After severe weather ravaged your area, you may assume your roof didn’t suffer any damage. However, the absence of leaks and the fact that the roof surface still looks intact don’t necessarily mean you have nothing to worry about. In such instances, you are better off having your roof inspected for your peace of mind. We discuss its importance below. 

The Subtleties of Storm Damage on Roofing Systems

Damage caused by hail, wind or any severe weather event may not be immediately evident. The impact of hail, for instance, can cause latent roof damage that can cause premature aging of asphalt shingles over time. Signs of deterioration may gradually appear after a few months. If no action is taken, the shingles may no longer repel water effectively. Water from precipitation will start leaking in multiple locations, necessitating extensive—and expensive—repairs.

Recognizing roof damage following a storm is the best way to avoid a potential leak. However, most homeowners aren’t trained to detect it, so getting in touch with trusted roofers for an inspection as soon as possible is imperative.

Reason to Have Your Roof Inspected After a Storm

The following are some of the reasons to schedule a post-storm roof inspection with your roofing contractor:

  • Identifying Minor Issues – Even if you don’t see any obvious signs of damage after using a pair of binoculars, having your roof inspected can go a long way in saving you money and headaches in the future. The aim is to identify not just major issues but also minor ones before they grow worse.

  • Insurance Claims – A roof inspection is important for filing an insurance claim. The earlier you do so, the easier it will be for you to get the proof necessary to submit a claim to your insurer.

  • Thorough Assessment – A fallen tree, hail damage or missing shingles are usually obvious and easy to spot, but roofers can still catch minor damage that you won’t. A professional inspection should give you peace of mind knowing the pros will do everything they can to return your roof to its original condition.

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