What Should You Do if a Tree Falls on Your Roof?

One of the last things you want to experience is to have a tree fall on your roof. This scenario can happen for various reasons, such as overgrowth and extreme weather events. Even if it hasn’t occurred yet, it helps to prepare for when the disaster happens. Knowing how to deal with these kinds of scenarios is essential in keeping you and your household safe.  

A local roofing company shares things you should do if a tree lands on your roof. 

See If Anyone in the Family Is Affected

The first thing you need to do when a tree falls on your house is to check the condition of your family. See if anyone suffered an injury and needs immediate care. Make sure your household and pets are in a safe location. 

Call the Electrical Company If Power Lines Are Down

A fallen tree will likely take down some power lines along with it. Beware of these lines because they increase the risk of fire and electrical shock. Contact the electrical company as soon as you notice downed power lines. It’s also best to turn off the power at your breaker box even if your home still has electricity. 

Get in Touch With a Reliable Contractor

Contact a reliable roofing company to perform temporary repairs on your roof to prevent further damage. You may also need to hire people to board up affected windows to avoid additional damage to your home and belongings. 

Take Photos and Videos of the Damage

Once everyone is in a safe place, take photos and videos of the damage. It’s important to capture pictures of the tree that damaged your roof. You can use them to support your insurance claim. 

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