Understanding the Basics of Commercial Roofing Warranties

Despite the differences in how they’re written, most commercial roofing warranties have certain similarities. Knowing what they are can help you make informed decisions when comparing warranty coverage. In today’s post, local roofing company Wortham Bros. shares a quick guide on the basics of commercial roofing warranties. 

What Are Limited Warranties?

The definition of the term “limited warranty” can vary between roofing manufacturers. It could mean the coverage is limited to just the materials or limited to a certain number of years. In commercial roofs, this can also mean a limitation on how much of the repair costs is going to be covered by the manufacturer, which we will go into detail below.

The Two Types of Commercial Warranty Coverage

Most commercial warranties have two types of coverage: manufacturer and workmanship. The manufacturer warranty covers materials or the complete roofing system, and is covered by the manufacturer. Workmanship coverage or guarantee is covered by the roofer. Some manufacturers offer extended warranties that cover both through certified contractors.

The Four Types of Manufacturer Warranties

Manufacturer warranties are typically prorated, which means the coverage for repair costs will be 100% for the first few years. The percentage will then be increasingly limited over the remaining years. The following are the four types of manufacturer warranties:

1. No dollar limit (NDL) warranty — This provides coverage for defective materials at full value, but may not usually include labor or repairs to adjacent systems like gutters.

2. Manufacturer’s material warranty — On roofs built with materials from different manufacturers, a roofing manufacturer may provide coverage for their materials.

3. Manufacturer’s labor and material warranty — Similar to manufacturer’s material warranty but provides extended coverage for labor costs up to a certain dollar limit.

4. Manufacturer’s roof system warranty — This is also known as “membrane only warranty” because it only provides coverage for the main roofing material.

Warranty Exceptions

Warranty exceptions are conditions that are excluded by the warranty or actions that may void coverage. Issues that are not related to manufacturing defects or installation errors are typically considered exceptions. Acts of neglect, which may include ignoring maintenance and unauthorized modifications to the roof, may void coverage. Damage caused by weather-related events are typically considered exceptions as they are typically covered by insurance, but some warranties may extend coverage if the roof is rated for wind or fire resistance.

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