Why a Complete Tear-off Is Better for Roof Replacement

If you have been comparing proposals from roofers, some of them may have offered the option to “overlay” a new roof over the old one instead of a complete tear-off. In today’s post, local roofing company Wortham Bros. explains both roofing installation methods and why you should choose a complete tear-off. 

Tear-Off or Overlay?

You may be more familiar with roof replacement that involves tear-offs. After preparing the work areas, roofing installers will tear off the old and damaged roofing down to the decking. The roof will undergo a thorough inspection for damage and repairs will be performed as needed before they begin installing the new roof. An overlay installation, on the other hand, skips the tear-off process — the new roof is, quite literally, installed over the old roof.

If overlay installation sounds like a cost-cutting measure, that’s because it is. The only real benefit to choosing it is the savings derived from skipping the tear-off stage, which would cut down labor costs. Additionally, it can significantly cut down the disposal costs as there won’t be discard roofing to haul to the landfill.

The Advantages of Roofing Tear-Off

Roofing installation that involves tearing off the old roof will, of course, cost more than an overlay. But considering the following advantages, the additional expense is going to be worth it:

Longer life span — As described above, tearing off the old roof will let your roofer address hidden roofing problems. This is an important step because it will be less likely to develop structural issues, resulting in a longer life span. In contrast, a roof overlay won’t give your roofer an opportunity to address these problems.

More durable roof — Fasteners on an overlaid roof won’t be as durable as on a standard roof installation because the outer roofing layer would be twice as thick. It would also be twice as heavy and would exert more strain on the framing.

Better warranties and roofing selection — Roofing manufacturers require a roof tear-off for their complete roofing systems, as they can’t guarantee the performance of an overlaid roof. This means you can have access to more extensive roofing warranties and exclusive products by having your old roof torn off during replacement.

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