5 Factors That Can Affect How Asphalt Shingle Roofs Age

“Weathering” is a term used to describe the effects on asphalt shingle roofing of long-term exposure to weather elements. It is a natural process that causes shingles to deteriorate over time. In this blog, Wortham Bros Inc. talks about the general factors that can affect how well asphalt shingles weather.

  1. Shingle Quality: There’s no doubt that poor-quality asphalt shingles will fail before good-quality shingles. Since quality can vary widely among manufacturers, make sure to partner with a manufacturer-approved contractor who has access to industry-leading products that are tested and proven to last for decades.

  2. Structure Orientation: Due to increased thermal cycling and ultraviolet exposure, south-facing roof slopes tend to have shorter lifespans than other roofing structures. Some portions of the roof are also affected by prevailing winds more than others.

  3. Local Climate: Any roofing company will attest that asphalt shingle roof in a harsh climate will experience a shorter service period than one in a moderate climate. Elements such as wind and moisture contribute to the deterioration of roofing materials.

  4. Roof Color: While it may not seem too obvious, the color of asphalt shingles can also influence how well they can weather day-to-day elements, particularly heat. Dark-colored roofs absorb more heat than light-colored roofs. By experiencing an accelerated loss of volatiles and increased thermal cycling, the dark roof will generally have a shorter lifespan.

  5. Roof Ventilation: Another critical factor that ultimately affects the life of asphalt shingles is ventilation. A poorly ventilated roofing structure will fail to keep the shingles cool and cause damage to its components. If left untreated, lack of ventilation can eventually lead to moisture buildup, swelling, rot and mold.

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