How to Maximize Your Storm Damage Insurance Claim

Do not wait until a hurricane or blizzard inflicts extensive damage to your home before understanding how your insurance claims process works. Or else, you might rashly head into decisions that will put you under tremendous stress and exhaust your resources. Expert roofers at Wortham Bros Inc. share steps you need to take to maximize your insurance claim. 

Contain the damage. When your home takes a hit, the first thing you need to do is make sure your family is safe and that the problem does not go from bad to worse. If you can do so safely, cover holes in your roof, windows, and walls to prevent a flood. If the flood is internal, shut off the water source immediately. Just do not put yourself in harm’s way. Remember, your safety is more important than a few extra bucks.

Document the damage. Take pictures before you cover up the damage to your exterior, such as the roof or siding. Then, make a list of the damage to your residential property. Include details like how much you think it will cost to replace it. A record of all affected belongings can support your claim down the road.

Make the call. Call your insurance agent as soon as possible. Give them a copy of the list of damaged items you made earlier. 

Be wise. The insurance company will send an adjuster to provide an assessment of the scope of damage and how much you are covered for. Be wise about the situation and do not blindly accept their initial assessment without other considerations. Contact at least two contractors and get repair or replacement estimates. If the estimates do not match the estimate given to you by the adjuster, do not hesitate to ask them to reevaluate the cost of damage. Once you come up with a reasonable estimate, you can now proceed with the restoration of your property.

In and around Allen, TX, Wortham Bros Inc. tops the good contractors list. From storm damage repair to full-on roof replacement, our team of skilled roofing professionals can deliver the great results you expect. Call (972) 960-3135 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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