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Common Myths Associated With Metal Roofs

Various myths have unfairly built a negative perception of metal roofs. Read this blog on some myths that could be depriving you of a fantastic roof.

Metal roofs have been steadily gaining fame in residential and commercial markets worldwide. Their durability, longevity, and eco-friendliness score them high points when it comes to roofing options.

However, despite their growing popularity, there's no shortage of myths and misconceptions that have unfairly built a negative perception towards metal roofs. Here are some misconceptions that could be depriving you of a fantastic roofing product.

Metal Roofs Dent Easily

One common belief is that metal roofs are susceptible to hail damage because of their thin profile and lightweight nature. People believe that if a hailstorm is strong enough, it can easily dent a metal roof like a car door.

However, experts agree that metal roofs are superior to asphalt shingles in terms of durability and hail resistance. If a hailstorm can dent a metal roof, it is probably doing the same amount of damage to asphalt shingles. This is because the size and strength of the hailstones themselves play a role in the extent to which they harm a roof.

Plus, metal roofs can keep their shape even if they get dents, which is a bonus. While asphalt shingles may fracture and leak during a hailstorm, metal roofs can still protect your house despite noticeable dents.

Metal Roofs Attract Lightning

Another common belief is that metal roofs are susceptible to lightning since metal serves as a conductor of electricity. However, there is no proof for this claim.

Contrary to popular belief, lightning does not actively seek out metal. Lightning is a surge of excess electricity that must find a path to the ground, and it does so by striking the nearest object. The tallest objects in the area, such as trees or telephone poles, are the more likely to be struck by lightning.

In fact, metal roofing systems are one of the most secure options in lightning-prone regions. Metal is not flammable like other roofing materials, such as wooden shingles. Lightning will harmlessly travel through the roofing material and into the ground if it strikes the roof. If lightning strikes an alternate roofing material, such as asphalt or wood shingles, the resulting fire could severely damage the structure.

Metal Roofs Retain Heat During the Summer

As opposed to what many people think, metal roofs deflect the sun's heat away from the building. This is because many metal roofing systems have reflective pigments painted onto them, which deflect infrared energy off of the roof. Having these reflective properties means that even dark metal roofs will not absorb or retain heat.

Metal roofs are also superior to asphalt shingles in terms of solar reflectivity and emissivity, meaning they do a better job of keeping a building cool. Asphalt shingles can get very hot during the day and keep radiating heat into the house long after the sun has set. However, metal roofs dissipate solar heat more rapidly, making the interior cooler.

Metal Roofs Are Noisy

The misconception that metal roofs are noisy may have arisen because of the echoing noise of rain on old tin roofs, but it is unfounded in the case of contemporary metal roofs. In fact, modern metal roofs are not any noisier than any other roofing material after installation.

The roof deck and insulation fill used with many modern metal roofs together greatly reduce noise transfer inside the building. That is why metal roofs are often as quiet as asphalt or clay tiles.

The method used to secure a metal roof also makes a big difference in the level of noise reduction it provides. Rain or hail may be heard more clearly inside a building if a structural metal roof is installed directly over open framing or covers a large area with no insulation between the panels and the interior.

For this reason, hiring a professional roofing company that specializes in metal roof installation is crucial. Contact us at Wortham Bros, Inc., for metal roofing services.

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