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Threats to Asphalt Shingles

Take a look at threats to asphalt shingles that lead to the need for roof repair or replacement and things you can do to reduce the risk of roof damage.

An asphalt shingle roof can last for many years, and if you take good care of your roof, you can get the longest life from it. Eventually, though, shingles wear down and need to be replaced. Take a look at threats to asphalt shingles that lead to the need for roof repair or replacement and things you can do to reduce the risk of roof damage.

Storms With Strong Wind and Hail

Storm damage is a common reason to need roof repairs. If the damage is bad enough, as can happen with hail, your entire roof may need to be replaced. You can't control the weather, so the next best way to reduce the risk of storm damage to your home is to invest in high-quality shingles when you get a new roof.

Upper-grade shingles are thicker, so they are more durable, and they have the highest ratings for wind, impact, and fire damage. A roofing contractor can help you choose quality shingles that are the best match for your budget.

Animals That Gnaw and Claw the Roof

Small mammals and birds can do a lot of damage to a roof. They can destroy shingles and even gnaw through the wood deck. This type of damage can be prevented by keeping tree branches far from your roof so raccoons, possums, and tree rats can't climb up a tree and jump to your roof.

When you have problems with animals or birds on your roof, call a pest control or animal control professional to get rid of the animals and prevent them from coming back. Animals can destroy your roof, and they get inside your attic to cause further damage, so making it hard for animals to get on your roof should be a home maintenance priority.

Prompt roof repairs should also be done to replace damaged shingles and seal holes from animal gnawing and bird pecking.

Granules That Wear Away Prematurely

Brand-new asphalt shingles have a thick coating of granules that provide color to the roof and protect the asphalt from UV damage. Granules gradually wear away, and that's to be expected. However, granules can be knocked off prematurely by excessive foot traffic on your roof and by tree limbs swaying against the shingles.

Another good reason to keep tree branches trimmed far away from your roof is so the branches and leaves don't scrape off granules. With granules gone, UV rays accelerate the aging of the shingles, and the risk of a roof leak increases. If granules have worn away due to tree damage, a roofer can replace the shingles in that small area if necessary.

Heat Buildup Due to Poor Ventilation

Adequate insulation is essential for a healthy roof. If your roof doesn't have a vent or if the vent no longer works, excess heat may accumulate in your attic and make the underside of the roof too hot. A turbine or solar vent isn't always needed since passive ventilation may be enough to keep your attic and roof cool enough to prevent damage.

A passive system works by pulling cooler air in through soffit vents near the bottom of the attic and allowing hot air from the attic to escape at the peak of the roof. If ventilation isn't adequate, shingles can curl, age quickly, and wear out before their time. A roofer can assess your attic's ventilation to determine if it's adequate or if your roof needs a vent. Ensuring proper ventilation is a good way to protect your shingles from heat damage and ice dams. If your roof has been damaged by one of these causes or for another reason, contact Wortham Brothers. Inc. We install new roofs and perform roof repairs needed to get your current roof back in good shape.

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