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Hospital & Nursing Home Roofing Services in McKinney

Don’t Let a Failing Roof Disrupt Normal Operations 

A well-managed roof is essential to the operation of a hospital, medical facility or nursing home. It protects patients and staff as well as expensive medical equipment. A poorly performing roof can dramatically disrupt operations, put patient lives at risk and cause extensive damage to the facility. 

Without a well-maintained roof, you may have to put operating dollars into a roof replacement as opposed to spending the money on capital improvements and other updates – meaning that you’ll have to put off these new investments for months or even years.

Nursing homes, especially, have sensitive populations that may not do well with major changes to their schedules or routines. If you are a medical facility property manager or owner, you know the importance of roofing contractors who respect your schedule. That’s why you need to entrust your facility’s roof to Wortham Bros, Inc. We will work with you to schedule regular roof inspections and repairs to avoid unexpected roofing issues.

Why It’s Important to Invest in Regular Roof Maintenance

Medical buildings are complex. They are usually many stories and have a flat roof. This makes locating a roof leak especially difficult. Yet, if you put off repairing this issue, you are opening yourself up to more trouble. Leaks cause all types of water damage – from a compromised roofing structure to equipment issues and even potential health hazards from slips or electrical shock.

When you put a portion of your operating budget into roof repair and maintenance work from Wortham Bros, Inc. we can detect roofing problems early before they become major headaches. This reduces inconveniences as well as disruptions to your operations.

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Wortham Bros, Inc. understands the urgency associated with getting your roof fixed as soon as possible. Whether you need a simple roof repair or complete roof replacement, our teams will respect your space and your patients. We have a goal of always doing the job right the first time every time. 

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