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Our McKinney roofing team at Wortham Bros, Inc. Roofing is built to perform with the highest of standards using top quality material and expert installation. From the start of your journey working with staff to the final details set in place on your roof your experience is simple and smooth due to years of expertise in the trade

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Wortham Bros, Inc. values your roof as the key investment that it is to your McKinney home or business, and we have spent decades perfecting the process making it simple to get your needs met with efficiency. It is their goal to offer you the best service and highest quality installation in the business with minimal time invested from our clients.

Services We Offer

Wortham is committed to providing the highest quality services and products from top-rated brands in the industry. When it comes to new products, they are fully researched before presenting them to customers to ensure that they are durable with design in mind.

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Roof Types to Consider

Are you excited by the thought of building your home exactly as you have always dreamed? Or perhaps you are thinking it is high time to re-roof your property, which has started to look a bit dilapidated and worse for wear? Regardless of your situation, it is important to think carefully about the type of roofing material you need for your house. And before deciding on your roof type, always discuss the pros and cons of several substances with a knowledgeable McKinney roofing contractor.

The materials that are used for your new roof will not just affect the style of your overall curb appeal, although this is a key element. The type of roof you select will also contribute to your property’s total lifespan, providing security for your valuables as well as protection of your HVAC systems.

How Our McKinney
Roofing Company Can Help

For three generations, Wortham Bros, Inc. Roofing has been mindful in developing this business and expanding into new markets, and now growing stronger than ever. The founding principles of quality, integrity, and innovation are continually upheld as our ultimate goals with consistency. This dedication is what makes Wortham Bros, Inc. Roofing the top choice of property owner in the metroplex of Dallas and Fort Worth, and beyond.

Securing Your Roof from Natural Disasters & Inclement Weather

The state of Texas has primarily come to be known for its hot temperatures by those who live in other regions, but any true resident of Texas knows that we experience a whole range of other unpleasant weather conditions. On the one hand, the bad news is that there is no way to avoid the disastrous effects of hail, wind, and rain completely. However, you can at least prepare to protect your roofs as much as possible with secure, seamless gutters and screen guards.

And for those unfortunate situations where damage does occur, find professional support from a qualified McKinney roofer as quickly as possible

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