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Storm Damage Repairs in McKinney

Restoring Storm-Damaged Properties in DFW, Austin & San Antonio 

Texas residents are no strangers to storms. They pass through our state on a continual basis. While most storms are harmless, severe ones often damage roofs, causing leaks, mold, and other issues. Wortham can help you identify and fix storm-related roofing issues, whether you have recently been devastated by hailwind, rain, or other consequences of a chaotic storm. 

With our comprehensive storm damage roof repairs in McKinney, our empathetic technicians devotedly serve customers throughout both the Fort Worth and Dallas metroplex, along with any of the surrounding areas. If you want your home restored back to its original condition following the tragedy of an unexpected natural disaster, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief. 

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How to Spot Roof Damage Caused by a Storm

Roof damage isn’t always easy to spot, but there may be some clear indications that your system has been damaged by wind, hail and/or impact from fallen trees and other debris. While it is not advisable to climb up onto your roof, you can grab a pair of binoculars and inspect the roof from the ground. Being able to spot the signals that your roof is in the initial stages of trouble is the best way of preventing a more devastating sign of collapse.

The most common signs that your roof needs immediate attention include:

Water has accumulated in your attic

A collection of water is never a good sign. Stains on the ceiling or walls could also indicate that there’s a leak.

Shingles, tiles, or bits of metal have been scattered on the ground around your property

Spotting several of these loose parts means you need to immediately call for emergency roof repair services. If not addressed, missing roof components could lead to serious water damage.

There is a lot of leaf debris or even several tree branches left on the roof

Impact from falling debris like branches may have caused punctures in the roof surface but are hidden by leaves.

Some portions of your shingles look darker than the rest, or they are soft to the touch 

These signals could be indications of damage from hailstones.

What Quality Roof Repair After Storm Damage Looks Like

Although there are many roofing companies in Texas, not all of them provide comprehensive repairs following a major storm. Before hiring any contractors, you should first investigate whether they provide full restoration services for natural disasters like a storm. Roofing experts will always perform a complete examination of the entirety of your property, carefully inspecting every element of your roof from top to bottom. 

In addition to assessing the roof’s current integrity, they should also fully tarp over any areas that have been stained or water-damaged until it’s safe to start repairs on the roof. A dedicated roofing company will also provide a comprehensive repair or replacement estimate that you can then send on to your insurance company.

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