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No matter if you need a simple roof repair or complete re-roofing in San Antonio, Wortham is up for the challenge. Since 1986, we have been committed to always providing our customers with superior customer service and products – and we strive to remain in the top tier of roofing companies in the nation. 

This is why our reputation is so stellar amongst residents in San Antonio, that we even have clients seeking our support simply because they have heard by word of mouth that are services are the most trustworthy around. Nevertheless, we know that most people don’t like to hire a contractor sight unseen, so we’ll gladly come and inspect your roof for free. 

Examples of the many popular roofing services in San Antonio that we offer to our loyal customers include:

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WB Roofing San Antonio
WB Roofing San Antonio

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Speak to our team now at (972) 562-5788 to ask any questions regarding our wide range of San Antonio roofing services, and even see examples of our excellent past projects online.

Avoiding Severe Injuries by Only Seeking Professional San Antonio Roofing Support

Although the patriotic American has always been associated with the character of utter independence, the unfortunate truth is that this quality is not always beneficial, at least when it comes to taking care of your roof if you do not have professional training. As much as this spirit of autonomy may be admirable in other contexts, countless examples have shown that DIY roof repairs often result in painful accidents. 

Just one misstep from high up on your roof could easily result in a disastrous fall and severe injury. Tragically, there have even been many fatalities directly related to homeowners’ attempts to fix their residential roofs. Preserve your safety by simply speaking to San Antonio roofing specialists about effective repairs from the start.

When to Seek Full Roof Replacement Over Re-Roofing

It is highly understandable that many residents in San Antonio would prefer to seek re-roofing for their damaged roofs rather than go for a full roof replacement. After all, re-roofing is a much less intense project in multiple ways. Since it simply involves putting another layer of shingles on top of the first layer, it costs far less, and can be performed in a relatively short amount of time. Still, there are certain circumstances where re-roofing is not only impossible, but not nearly as beneficial as seeking a full roof replacement.

You should look to have a complete roof replacement rather than re-roofing in situations where:

  • Your house already has at least two layers of shingles, since another layer would be too heavy and lead to collapse
  • The shingles have displayed signs of continuing dampness and moisture beneath them
  • There is a presence of mold, mildew, and algae already growing along or under the shingles
  • Too many shingles are completely missing, which would lead to instability and weakened integrity of the whole roof

To confirm which option is right for your indivisult with knowledgeable roofers in San Antonio to make an informed decision.

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